welcome to dictura reads

Hello, Internet world! It’s me, dictura.

This year I decided to do the 95 books challenge, and the people in my life have been suggesting that I should start a blog about what I’ve been reading. I’ve only ever written about books in a very formal way, but here we are, changing that.

Who are you? I am a 20-something human person who reads a lot of books. Mostly, I get paid to do editing. I am also notably a social justice bard and overly Canadian.

Why “dictura”? dictura is a Latin word, meaning roughly “things about to be said” or “she who is about to speak”—if I remember correctly (I probably don’t, let’s be real). Let’s just say that I came up with this many years ago and I have yet to let go of it as a handle despite basically forgetting why I thought it was clever.

What is 95 books? Some Canadian writers (and avid readers) once decided that if George W. Bush had read 95 books in a year, they could do better. Now it’s kind of a thing.

Why are you reading 95 books? While I personally have nothing to prove vs. former American presidents, as a PhD dropout (the most pretentious of quitters), I had a couple of things to prove to myself when I started this February: that I could enjoy reading again, and that I could read a hell of a lot if I set my mind to it. I’ve read 66 books since.

What kinds of things do you read? Mostly young adult and/or new adult and I love the hell out of genre (urban supernatural fantasy yesss), but anything is game. This year, I’ve read a lot of short books of any flavour. (I feel like if you start a year’s reading challenge a month and half late, you’re totally allowed a Carmilla here or there.)

What kinds of posts will you write? Quick reviews of what I’ve reading lately, lists and rankings of books and aspects of books, book to movie/TV show thoughts, and probably other stuff I haven’t thought of yet.

If you have other questions about my motivations or this blog (unlikely, since it just began, but hey), you can always leave ’em down in the comments and give me fodder for an FAQ. (Is it just an AQ if only one person asks?) Until then, we’re on to Blogging About Books, and you can expect posts every Monday and Thursday. Thanks for dropping by, and may the blogs be ever in your favour.

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