Conceding the Nanowrimo 2016 Race (& Back to Books)

Dear Reader-Humans and Nanowrimo 2016:

Welcome to this open letter-slash-unscheduled post. Feel free to tl;dr: this isn’t about books, but I’m going to switch back to my usual book posting as of next week, because I’m letting go of Nanowrimo to get back to reading and reviewing.

So as you might have read, I started this month with a wicked flu. I’ve also been dealing with ongoing infections—no life-threatening stuff, just having a crap immune system because we all have stressful life times on occasion. (I’ll probably be moving from a long-term contract to looser freelance soon, and I’m trying to make a plan for that & other future life stuff, so it’s a bit much at once.) These are all, of course, excuses to give in! Writers find the time and energy!

But then there was also this heartbreaking election, which—I’ll be honest—has thrown me for a huge loop, especially considering my Canadianness. Knowing how many people held certain prejudiced attitudes in the U.S. (and my own country), I had an inkling of how bad this was, but like many people in their own progressive bubbles, I did not expect the president-elect’s big(ish) win. (The popular vote aside.) And, call me a typical Canadian, but I did not expect all the Trump-justified xenophobic attitudes and threats to crop up in my own backyard so much and so quickly.

In many ways, many people kept their support of Trump and his platform on the DL. And then when you see them popping up around you, well. Having your humanity and that of your friends devalued by obnoxious strangers in another country is one thing. When you see that in the actions and beliefs of the people in your community and the people close to you, it’s a whole other ball game. And it has definitely challenged me to become more vocal and activist, which is something I want to work on.

I want to keep writing because I am a writer, and re-discovering my commitment to that part of myself is important to me. And I want to share that with you book-lovers (and maybe prospective writers), too! But I also find increasingly, as I get older (as I will on Tuesday, officially), that as much as we live in a world that really values being “busy” and even “stressed,” taking care of ourselves is actually super important. And while I started this writing journey with the intention of overcoming any and all obstacles to 50k, it turned out to be a lot more than I could anticipate! So while I will keep working at writing, I’m not up to doing it at the rapid pace I thought I would, and for now, I’m okay with that.

So—and with apologies for this (second) politically-charged post—I’ll be getting back to book reviews for the latter half of November (and the rest of the year and all time, barring further notice). Which I hope will be more fun for all of us!

So I’ll see you again on Tuesday, and I’ll get my nose back into a book (and out of this stranger-than-fiction universe) and back at you with reviews ASAP!

With love,

dictura (still a human, probably)

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