Four-Plus Fanfiction Recommendations

So I’m going to be real with you all: other than re-reading Kushiel’s Dart obsessively most holiday seasons, I usually spend more of the break reading fanfiction. This used to be because I went to school for English so books were the opposite of the way to unwind (but I still wanted to read, obviously) but fandom is just a soothing habit that has persisted since the age of twelve until, well, now.

Fanfiction Regrets

No regrets.

I tend to be drawn to fanfiction that fixes dubious writing decisions or that explores interesting what-ifs, but I also have been known to read hundreds of college/university AUs and obviously fake dating is the best. Since fandom has evolved a lot since the days we all hosted our own fanfiction (then there was FictionAlley for the HP fandom, LJ for other fandoms,, etc.) up until the current glory days of AO3, I don’t have all of my old recs at hand and, let’s be real, my favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fanfics when I was 13 might not hold up to the test of time. (Maybe I’ll make a holiday effort of looking for them and finding out.)

But that said, here are some fanfiction recommendations (across a few fandoms) from me to you. I’m an extremely dang picky person (and I didn’t want to rec 100% The 100 AUs), which is why this list isn’t longer, so know that where you click through, my heart goes with you.

Most of these do have some mature content but none of them are 100% smut, FYI (I’m not an awesome smut finder, sorry). Feel free to recommend your favourite fics in the comments!

Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed series by thememoriesfire

Did you enjoy the first couple of seasons of Glee? Were you also super disappointed at the way they handled Santana’s coming out storyline? Do you want something extremely epic to read over the holidays? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you 1000% need to click that link. Just don’t start at 1:24 am. (There are a lot of different ships in this series, but you should know it’s not Brittana. Also bonus: for Glee one-shots that cover a couple of ECFC pairings, this writer way back on LJ has you covered.)

the pedal’s down, my eyes are closed by flonkertons

Okay so The 100 fandom: I swear, I tried to like Clexa but it just wasn’t working for me through the first two seasons (I haven’t watched season 3 because I was spoiled for things happening I cannot accept yet; don’t worry though, I’ve read all the books). I am, therefore, Bellarke trash. I am also The 100 university/college AU trash. This super-long one-shot, although it takes place over a couple of semesters in grad school, always reminds me of Christmas. (Bonus content: if you’re also Bellarke trash, you need to just read everything by Chash. Actually everything.)

The Movement of the Earth & The Fire of the Sun by audreyii-fic

Given that I spend so much of my past professional life criticizing the Twilight series, it’s probably hilarious how much I got into anti-Twilight fix-it fic. These are Jacob/Bella and are essentially a rewrite starting in New Moon, complete with an imitation of Meyer’s writing style. Suggested for Team Jacob and/or anyone who couldn’t stand Twilight because of a) the vampires, b) the utter lack of stakes 90% of the time, c) the lack of meaningful relationship building, d) not enough werewolves. (If you can’t stand Meyer’s style, and understandably so, Pieces of the Memories and Postcards by the same author are probably my favourite pieces, just not as satisfying from a fix-it standpoint.)

Love is Not a Whisper (or a weakness) by monroeslittle

I’m going to be extra Bellarke trash since that’s the ship I’ve been sailing most often lately. So I’ll recommend this extra-long canon-divergence one-shot (the dropship doesn’t land on land). But I’d really recommend just about anything by this author; she’s written Glee (Finn/Rachel, but don’t let that put you off), Twilight series (Jacob/Bella sometimes but mostly her Bella/Leah friendship writing is aces), The Hunger Games (Peeta/Katniss), The 100 (Bellarke, of course), and other fandoms. (See a round-up here.)

Thanks for stopping by, and I can’t emphasize enough: please, do feel free to share your fanfic recs. Fill up my holiday travels. And if you’re not a fic reader, no worries—I’m back to reviewing books on Friday. (Although at least one is a fairy tale retelling, which basically counts as fanfiction, right?) Talk to you soon!

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