#95Books Stats for 2016

Hello all, and welcome to my final end-of-2016 wrap-up! I’m going to talk a bit here about the stats of all the books I read this year. You can check out the actual list of books with some nice visual representation over at Goodreads. I ended up reading 128 books, so not bad for something I started in February (and skipped half of November while struggling with Nanowrimo).

According to Goodreads, my shortest read was actually a classic (Lady Susan, by Jane Austen) while my longest read was YA (Winter, by Marissa Meyer). The highest-rated book on Goodreads that I read was Morning Star by Pierce Brown, which I found disappointing, especially in terms of its ending. (Goodreads is fun, but also kind of an IMDB of books that greatly seems to inflate the ratings of things that are immediately popular.) My average Goodreads rating was 2.7, inflated slightly by the lack of half stars on there (I’ll often round up). Still, I didn’t put myself through too many terrible books? Although it would be great if everything I read was awesome. (Here’s hoping, 2017.)

Here’s a breakdown of my reading by gender (I left out a few multi-author collections from the count for simplicity’s sake):


…so I’m not super concerned about trying to read more women next year, although honestly it’s really easy to read women when you’re reading loads of young adult, so I may have to keep that more in mind next year when I’m cutting back on YA. (This year I read about 66% MG/YA, 74% if you put together MG/YA/NA.) It would be good to see if I can find other non-binary folks to read since that didn’t really happen for me!

I didn’t break things down completely by genre, but about 54% of what I read was genre fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, horror), and about 17% was dystopian. (Some of the genre fiction was also dystopian, though.)

In terms of diversity, about 10% of my reads were specifically LGBTQIA+ interest books; about an equivalent amount were by queer authors, while a few more contained queer characters. About 8% of my books were written by POC, while about an equivalent amount were about POC leads (speaking of, I should order more Ms. Marvel, since I really enjoyed the first two volumes).

I definitely want to step up those figures next year. I wasn’t making a conscious effort for 2016 since my book-picking was pretty haphazard, but sheesh that’s pretty sad. (Maybe I didn’t love this year because I read the same white heterosexual love triangle over and over again?) I have a few LGBTQIA+ reads in my current TBR, but I need to pick up more books that are by not white people. (I have some on my wishlist, but recommendations are always appreciated.)

I had just one DNF this year, which obviously didn’t make this list: Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. This book had a really inauthentic-feeling teenage boy voice, a really boring “not-like-other-girls” main female character set-up, and was generally just too long. It absolutely crawled, so not even my nostalgic love of True Blood (the first few seasons, anyway) and the similar aesthetic here could drag me to the finish line. (Not after dealing with Marked already, anyway.)

I also had just one re-read, which was Kushiel’s Chosen in early June. I caved and allowed myself this re-read on a very delayed flight home from Venice after a night we spent trying to deal with a flooding toilet where we were staying.

My current read is More Than This by Patrick Ness, which I could yet finish before 2017, but I have houseguests, so probably not! I did receive some of the books I was hoping for in a previous top ten post, so I’m stocked up with And I Darken, As I Descended, and The Miseducation of Cameron Post to add to my TBR and I’ve ordered a few more. (So far I’m doing pretty badly at picking up not YA, but I’ll get there. I have some fantasy recs I’m eager to get to!)

In any case: I hope everyone had and is having a great set of holidays, and happy early New Year! I’ll see you in 2017!

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