#24in48 Readathon Update: Day 1

Hello everyone!

Just here to drop a quick #24in48 Readathon update! I got off to a slow start today (I’m short of ten hours into this thing and it’s currently 11:24 pm on Saturday). I was up late at a birthday party last night and got started far later than I would have anticipated today. I’m just about to have a quick Skype with my partner, then I’ll be getting into As I Descended (finally).

For now, I’ve finished two books. Here are some really quick and messy thoughts that I reserve the right to rethink a little when not totally sleep-deprived/rushed…


Scythe by Neal Shusterman:

I really liked this! Tl;dr: it delivers on its premise, would recommend.

It wasn’t absolutely perfect for a couple of reasons: some aspects of the ending/climax felt not totally earned, some villains being a little too mustache-twirling when they had the potential to be more.

In general, this book suggested that there were a lot of moral grey areas where the perspectives of a lot of people made sense (given the purposelessness of a “perfect” world), but there was no real payoff because the “bad guys” were still very bad and the vibration monks still weren’t taken at all seriously.

But this book has a lot of fantastic worldbuilding (I want to know more about so much! More Tonists! More Thundercloud!), brings us into the perspectives of minor characters in sympathetic ways, and, other than near the ending, the pace of this felt just right.


The Bone SeasonThe Bone Season by Samantha Shannon:

I don’t know how to feel about this? Tl;dr what the actual heck went on in this book, y’all.

Um. So this book established a cool alternate slightly-future London with clairvoyants of all kinds who are driven underground as criminals because they’re deemed “unnaturals” who the Scion want to root out. The main character is one of these clairvoyants and she and her friends form an infamous criminal ring called the Seven Seals.

…but we don’t actually spend much time in that setting though? Instead we hang out with weird beings called Rephraites who enslave humans and on most levels don’t make a lot of sense. Like the actual plot mostly relies on their history/politics/actions but they seem ridiculously inefficient and mostly mustache-twirlingly evil.

Also some people die who we don’t really get much time to be invested in and there’s a really awkward and kind of gross romance? Basically, all of the interesting parts of the book continue to be when we learn about the protagonist’s previous life so I don’t even know.

I mean, the sequel seems like it’ll have more of those people and that setting so maybe I’ll like it better? And honestly, much as I struggled to get through the plot of this book through a lot of it, I did really like that setting. But I don’t know if I trust the sequel?

In any case, that’s my day 1! I’d better jet to see if I can get more reading done for day 2. (And/or some sleep.) Talk to you tomorrow!

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