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Hello everyone, and welcome back!

I’ve been in a bit of a new book reading slump? Not a book reading slump, because I’ve now finished rereading the entire Harry Potter series, but you know. Thin on the ground for things to review, because I’m pretty sure takes on Harry Potter would be considered ice cold at this point. (But we can talk about how the movies did Ron Weasley so wrong in the comments, if you want.)

Rupert Grint is great but seriously, they made Ron just comic relief and I’ll NEVER BE OVER IT.

Anyway, I was perusing other blogs to try to inspire myself to read something when I saw this old tag over at The Bookavid, and I dig their blog and decided to do it, because why not?

Would You Rather…

1. …only read trilogies for the rest of your life or stand-alone novels?

Eurgh this is difficult because I really prefer to read a series (I like longer story/character arcs!) but most trilogies go waaay downhill from the first book, and standalones can’t do that to me.

But you can pry The Hunger Games out of my cold, dead hands, so I guess trilogies.

2. …only read novels by female or by male authors for the rest of your life?

Well I mean there are also authors who are neither, so I can still read them, right?

Anyway: I’m a YA reviewer so as weird as this question feels, it’s pretty much a gimme. The majority of the books in this category are by women, so female authors it is!

…and aside from that obvious answer: women tend to more frequently write female protagonists, and I like reading about female protagonists.

(I’m a little sad that I’d be hypothetically missing out on the sequel to Scythe and Adam Silvera’s next book, but I honestly can’t think of anything else upcoming I’d be bummed not to read.)

3. …only buy books in bookstores or at one online store for the rest of your life?

I don’t buy books in bookstores, I just look at them and order them later online, so. (I still like browsing IRL.)

The choice of one online store would be rough, though. I currently use Indigo, Book Outlet, Book Depository, and Amazon for my Kindle stuff.

I guess I’d have to go with Amazon so that I could still get physical and digital? They do have digital sales sometimes but I love how the other shops have sales on physical books. Aaah (I am very thankful this is hypothetical).

4. …have all your favourite novels made into movies or TV shows?

TV shows hands down. Movies tend to leave a lot by the wayside in adaptation, and TV definitely has more time. And TV production values have definitely improved. And TV can get away with a lot when it’s on a more mature network.

Can we please, please adapt Kushiel’s Legacy for Netflix/HBO/etc. now?

5. …only be able to read five pages a day for the rest of your life or have to read five novels a week?

If I had to read five pages a day I would cry.

I’m technically on the low end of speed reading, so if I can commit a solid three to six hours (for those pesky long fantasy novels) then I can just read a YA book. But I’m a spoiled brat because of that so I tend to lose interest and momentum and have to backtrack or give up if I haven’t finished a book in a couple of sittings.

Five novels a week would make just reading into a part-time job, but it’s doable for me and I’ve done it before. And there are plenty of fun short novels out there, especially if you’re open to reading middle grade and classics.

6. …earn enough money to pay your bills as a professional book reviewer or author?

Knowing what I know about the publishing business and the process of writing a book, I have to say reviewer. It’s not going to happen anytime soon, but there you are.

7. …have to be only able to reread your favourite twenty books for the rest of your life or only be able to read novels you haven’t read before?

I could probably be happy rereading forever, but twenty books is a pretty narrow selection unless I’m allowed to count a series as one book. In that case: a resounding yes to rereads.

8. …be a book seller or a librarian?

I have more than once considered going back to school for library science, but I’m not feeling a return to academics at this point in my life. Still, the idea of keeping things sorted and doing research and recommending books sounds utterly satisfying.

9. …be only able to read books from your favourite genre for the rest of your life or only be able to read books from every genre BUT your favourite?

Definitely every genre but my favourite. I’d say I’m a fantasy person (specifically supernatural fantasy), but dang can fantasy get repetitive and formulaic.

I usually switch genre with each book I read unless I’m binging a series to keep myself from falling into a slump. So as tough as it would be to give up on magic and adventures, I’m pretty sure I might quit reading altogether if it’s all I could read. And I’d still have sci-fi and horror.

Well, that’s all for today, and I’ll be speaking to you again soon (hopefully, once I’ve read something new).

If you liked the tag, consider yourself tagged, and please do link your post in the comments! I’d love to know more about your reading habits.

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