Six Book Adaptations I Haven’t Watched Yet (But Should)

Hello everyone, and welcome back!

In the hecticness of recent months, I’ve gotten behind on reading for sure, but I’ve also gotten behind on my watching. I’ve basically ditched most of what used to be my favourite shows and anything I missed in theatres, I rarely seem to find the time to watch on Netflix.

So I thought instead of another TBR that I may or may not be able to knock off, I may as well make a to be watched list of all the book adaptation stuff I’ve missed and want to catch up on. Worth a try, right?

The Book Thief (film)

The Book Thief

The Book Thief is among my YA favourites, so I guess what happened is that I was just nervous to see it adapted. It’s a relatively long book, so I wasn’t sure what they’d trim on, and it’s not necessarily action or dialogue intensive, so a lot of the meat of it happens in the narrative parts that might not translate so easily.

Still, I heard this movie was pretty good, and I’m really due for a reread of the bookand this is on Netflix, so I really should get around to watching it. It might let me down, but maybe that’ll be the push I need to get back into the book; I really liked it, but it’s a long one, which is hard to justify when I have so much on my TBR!

Everything, Everything (film)

Everything, Everything

I wasn’t 100% sold on this book, but I did really like the protagonist, Maddie, and the cool thing about adaptations is that every once in a while, it feels like the people working on them also noticed what you found sketchy in the novel and adapted their way around it. So I actually had pretty high hopes for this one. (And Amandla Stenberg is great.)

I missed out on this one because it was in theatres for a fairly short time around here, and at the time I was super busy and without similarly YA obsessed folks around, so I never made it to see it. Hopefully it’ll pop up on Netflix or somewhere similar soon and I can see if it makes any improvements on the novel!

A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV)

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I’ve actually never read the series (of this series?), so it might be blasphemous to suggest that I’d consider watching the TV show first. But…I might?

My roommate was watching this a while back, and while I was working at the time and not able to ditch what I was doing to see what was up, I remember the show looking really intriguing stylistically and seeming to have a great sense of humour, and it reviewed really well at the time it came out. I have friends who were fans of the books when they were younger who quite enjoyed it, too.

So maybe it would be worthwhile to get into this show? It’d give me a reason to get interested in the books (not that it’s hard for me to get interested in books, but these are more middle grade and from a while ago, which makes them easy to put on the backburner) and it’s as easy as turning on Netflix, so.

American Gods (TV)

American Gods

Sooo I actually haven’t read any Neil Gaiman, either, even though I’ve seen him at a reading in person, because I am kind of the worst like that. But the book American Gods has always sounded like it would be up my alley, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the TV show so far.

A bonus upside to this one, other than the fact that watching it might finally make me crack open and subsequently read a Neil Gaiman book, is that I could catch up to it soon and not be a zillion years behind what is currently happening in pop culture. Yay!

Also I know the lead actor from The 100, a show I am a zillion years behind on at first because of busy life and secondly because spoilers put me off of catching up for now. (Obviously, the character Ricky Whittle played is no longer on there, which sigh.)

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (film)

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Hi so this movie came out ages ago and I also haven’t read the book it’s based on, but I have been meaning to give the Rachel Cohn/David Levithan writing duo another shot since Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List and maybe watching this film, which a lot of people seemed to like at the time, will get me to finally do that. (I have been meaning to for probably over a year and haven’t gotten to it, so clearly I need the kick.)

Also I think watching younger Michael Cera and Kat Dennings romance each other will probably be super adorable no matter what, so there’s that about it.

Warm Bodies (film)

Warm Bodies

Hey, another book I’ve actually read! I really enjoyed Warm Bodies, but I definitely read it some time after the movie came out, so I never did have the motivation to go back and watch the film. I don’t think the book is always better than the movie, but in cases where I really like the book, I usually expect to be bothered by things the movie does differently or leaves out entirely.

Still, I heard this movie was a bit of a sleeper hit that a lot of people legitimately liked (and I think it inspired some goodwill towards the continued zombie trend in things like iZombie), so maybe it’ll be worth the time. If nothing else, maybe it’ll give me an excuse to reread the book. (I really like rereading, let’s be clear, it’s just…really hard to make excuses for when you have a TBR ready to topple over and crush the life out of you.)

So those are the adaptations that I haven’t watched and really should. What are some of your favourite book-to-screen adaptations? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll speak to you again soon!

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