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I’m currently in the middle of re-reading The Amber Spyglass, so now seems like the optimal time for a book tag! I don’t actually know this one’s origins or where I first saw it; I’ve just seen it kicking around on blogs, so I thought I’d take a crack. If you want to do it, consider yourself tagged!


I think a lot of duologies/trilogies/other series had diminishing returns for me after the first book (The Remnant Chronicles, Half Bad, The Lunar Chronicles, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, basically most things), but I think I’ll go with Shiver here (from the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy).


It’s pretty close to a self-contained love story/unique take on werewolves story, with a conceit that works to add tension and is mostly irrelevant in subsequent books (the charting of the temperature), and I wasn’t in love with leaving Grace’s perspective in following books since her love interest, although a good one, is…better to read about than from.


This would be way too dark, probably, but I’d love to read prequel books about some of the other victors of previous Hunger Games and what they were doing to slowly rebel. Finnick gathering secrets, Johanna in her angry isolation (was there ever someone she loved?), Haymitch drowning his sorrows as he watches children die, waiting for the day he can do something about it. (Haymitch’s memories of the people he did love.)

Okay, that’s really dark, but still. I like the world of those books, and I’d love to read more about how it came about. Plus I thought about it so I wouldn’t just have the standard “we need a Marauders-era Harry Potter series” kind of answer, so. Points, right?

(And while on one hand, I’m interested in that era and those characters, on the other hand, I’m less enamoured of J.K. Rowling than perhaps I was in childhood, given all the weird Ilvermorny stuff and the fact that she put her name on Cursed Child, which is terrible, but we’re talking about a daydream here anyway, so.)


I actually can’t think of any book over the past year where it was specifically the ending that ruined it for me? Usually if I’m not really down with a book, the ending isn’t really why. (Movies, however, are totally a different animal in that respect.)

I guess I could say something like Everything, Everything, where the ending just felt really abrupt (sometimes short books just don’t really give the post-climax much time to breathe; also looking at you, Under Rose-Tainted Skies), or maybe Aerie, just because it felt like such a rushed sequel to Magonia, which I liked and felt had potential, although I have realized how problematic it can be (introducing a character with an illness/disability who just…doesn’t actually have an illness/disability, which is a whole trope in YA these days).


Harry Potter Marauders-era TV show is an answer, right? Am I cheating if I say that?

Okay, but seriously. (I like Harry Potter, but I don’t want the saturation of it in the world to be over 9000.) My greatest desire would be to see the HBO or similar network adaptation of the Kushiel’s Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey, because I just absolutely love that series and I tend to re-read it almost every year. (It isn’t YA, but I’m allowed to branch out a little.)

Kushiel's Legacy

Yes, these covers are really dated now, but the books are still great.

If I had to pick a YA series, I might go with something like Wolf by Wolf. I wasn’t 100% impressed with the duology, but I feel like it’s the kind of premise (an alternate future where the Nazis won and a young girl is trying to win a motorcycle race to get the chance to kill Hitler) that would translate well to TV, since some of what I was lacking (more race action, more detailed worldbuilding) could easily be slotted in.


I’m hesitant to accept when a series suddenly changes from one POV to more, so I’m not 100% sold on Allegiant‘s choice, for example. But most of the time, I can get on board with two or more POVs or just drifting from mind to mind.

I can’t think of anything recent with more than one POV that I’d want to boil down to one? Maybe something like Every Heart a Doorway, since it’s so intensely short and not slipping from mind to mind could’ve given it a bit more focus.


In terms of ugly covers I’ve read lately, the UK cover of Letters to the Lost probably takes the cake, especially for including a really cheesy tagline.

Letters to the Lost


I don’t know why I finished the first Selection trilogy, or the Half Bad trilogy, or the Winner’s Curse trilogy, or…a lot of trilogies, probably. I just gain momentum and don’t turn back. To my credit, although I read Red Queen and Glass Sword, I haven’t picked up King’s Cage. Every once in a while, I can learn from my mistakes.

…but I’ve only had a DNF once on this blog, so the learning is still a process.


I am not into any of the covers beyond the originals of His Dark Materials, which I no longer have, so I’m kind of bitter about that.

The Golden Compass

Come back. ;_;


I put off reading Midwinterblood for ages because I read My Swordhand is Singing when I was younger and hated it, so I wasn’t on great terms with the author. When I did finally manage to get to it, it was one of my favourite reads of the season.


Which is why I try really hard not to prejudge when I’m doing author second chances, these days!

Feel free to tag yourselves and link me your take on this tag in the comments! Thanks for reading, and I’ll speak to you again soon!

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