Reading Stats for 2017 + Resolutions for 2018

Hello everyone, and welcome to my end-of-2017 wrap-up (in 2018)! (Also, welcome to 2018.)

2017 stats

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I’m going to talk a bit here about the stats for all the books I read this year. You can check out the actual list of books (minus rereads; I’m just starting to learn how to record those) over at Goodreads. I ended up reading 90 books plus 13 rereads, so I made it over 100 overall? Which is not bad, but I was aiming to read 100 new books.

I only read 16% books by men vs. 84% books by women (up from last year, when I read 69% books by women), so reading more women is just…really not a concern for the next year. It’s really not difficult to read women when you read YA? It would be good to see if I can find some non-binary authors to read or more trans authors (as I seem to have only read one book by a trans author this year). It’s not the easiest representation to find, to be honest, but I have a couple ideas on my wishlist.

In terms of diversity, about 23% of my books were written by POC, while a similar amount were about POC leads. That’s up from last year dramatically (when I was at 8%), which is a nice result of a challenge I did actually take on re: reading more diversely. That’s something I will resolve to keep up and improve on, if possible. About 16% featured LGBTQIA+ leads, up somewhat from last year where it hovered around 10%, and including ace and trans leads, which was great. (More contained characters across those gender and sexuality minorities, but in smaller roles.)

Contemporaries (usually with heavy romance and/or drama) probably ate up the biggest piece of the genre pie at 29%, but I tried to switch it up a lot with some fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, dystopian/utopian/speculative future stuff, magical realism, and whatever I could get my hands on, basically. Different genres and tropes definitely trend in YA (I think we’re finally at the tail end of fairy tale retellings? maybe?), but contemporary with a heap of romance will always be right at the centre of things.

I had zero DNFs this year, which is mildly surprising considering that I made it through some definitely “nah” reads (Zodiac comes to mind). I guess that’s what happens when you try to rack up short reads to boost your book count? My average read length was 365 pages, which is actually longer than 2016’s with 331, but that year I also read a bunch of poetry books and comic book trades, so this year’s average really reflects just…reading a lot of short YAs.

2018 resolutions

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This year, I’m aiming to read 60 books overall, with rereads. Why am I aiming so low compared to the last couple of years? Well, over this past year, I read a lot of short books in an attempt to keep up (since I was also otherwise busy), and I found a lot of them to be, well, too short. I don’t want to feel hung up on that this year; I’d rather feel confident about picking up something long and not fall behind!

I also don’t want to feel so badly about wanting to do rereads. Over the past couple of years, I haven’t been really recording them on Goodreads or counting them towards my goals, so even when I feel the urge to pick something up on my shelf again, I often decide against it so that I can read something new. But that really goes against my whole mood reading thing where I don’t queue up my TBR so that I can keep reaching for what I want to read and not fall into reading slumps. (Which I did this year when I probably would’ve rather been doing rereads.) So I’m going to nix that and try to do more rereadsĀ andĀ post more about them!

I’m also not going to pick up any official reading challenges this year, because I basically forgot about them last year and I don’t think it’s very productive for me? But I did think the idea of the 24 in 48 reading marathon (and other marathons) was pretty cool, even if I didn’t finish mine this year, so I’m hoping to participate in something like that again!

The tl;dr version of my reading challenges for myself:

  1. Read 60 books.
  2. Read longer books.
  3. Reread more books (and post about it).
  4. Do another reading marathon.

(I’m hoping keeping it simple will make it happen.)

What are you hoping to achieve in your reading this year? Any goals you’ve set for 2018? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll speak to you again soon!

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