About the Blog

dictura reads is blog about books, including reviews, lists, essays on tropes and writing, and possibly more. Post frequency is twice a week on Tuesday and Friday mornings (10 a.m. ET), except when rocks fall and everyone dies. Posts will contain very minor spoilers (things you’d learn from the back of the book or within the first 20 pages) unless otherwise indicated with a spoiler warning(For more spoiler info, see this post.)

Most of the books discussed are young and new adult (all genres), but you will also see science fiction and fantasy, short story and poetry collections, Canadian literature, and occasionally non-fiction. Books are (now) reviewed on a five-star rating scale. (For more rating info, see this post.)

Some bloggers and BookTubers love most of the books they read. Maybe they really know what they love, or maybe they’re optimistic, enthusiastic people who just love a lot of stuff. Some people are born lucky, you know?

Fair warning: that is not what you’ll find here. Forget an average rating of 4 stars. Think an average rating of 2.5 stars and high ratings that still come with a laundry list of issues. If you’re a critical reader (or you have a really good sense of humour), then you’re in the right place.

About The Author

Hi! I’m dictura, a human (probably), and you are on my blog about books.

I am a twenty-something lady-person with some English literature and creative writing cred, some levels as a social justice bard (multiclassing geek), many ranks of Profession (editor), and a quest to find new favourites. I read and review a lot of books. You can check out what I’ve read so far this year over at Goodreads.

If there’s something in particular you’d like to see me discuss or a book you want me to review, please contact me! I haven’t figured out how to bite people over the Internet. Yet.