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Meta (About the blog)

On Spoilers: or, An Apology to Harry Potter Fans in That Chapters in 2005

Rating Systems and You: Why I Don’t Like Them and Why I’ll Add One, Anyway

#95Books Stats for 2016

Why I’m Not Reviewing Carve the Mark + Committing to Diverse Books

Reviewing Books is Hard: On How and Why I Do It

On Tropes & Parts of Writing

Tropes: Death in YA Lit and The Case of Divergent

Adaptations: The Book Is(n’t Always) Better

Decluttering Update (Round #2) & The Problem with Narrators

In Defense of Bella Swan: Hating Twilight, Not Teenage Girls

Tropes: We Need to Talk About Setting

Second Book Syndrome: What’s With the Young Adult Sophomore Slump?

My Hopes for Queer Books & Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Young Adult Love Triangles: Stop the Scalene Madness

Let’s Talk About Reported Speech (and The Remnant Chronicles)

Sexual Assault as a Trope in YA (Nope Nope Nope)

On Authors

On Authors and the First-Book-Favourite Phenomenon

Books by John Green, Ranked

Books by Rainbow Rowell, Ranked

Fanfiction and Ethics, or: Why I Wish I Hated City of Bones

Giving Authors Another Try: Why Second Chances Are Important

Second Chances: Was Giving Authors Another Try Worthwhile?

Second Chances Update: Round 2, Fight!


500 Books + the KonMari method = ?

Decluttering Update: Round 1 (Fight!)

Decluttering Update (Round #2) & The Problem with Narrators


The Secret Loves of This Geek Girl

All the Dark Places

Seven Fandoms and the Lessons They Taught Me